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    February 09, 2017

    Off page SEO Factors For Google Ranking

    Off page SEO
    In earlier post I have discussed about on page seo google ranking factors. Off page SEO is also very important for google ranking. So my today's post is about some important factors for off page SEO for better google ranking.

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    Numbers Of Linked Domains

    This is very necessary to know that how much domains is linked with your site.As much quality domains linked with your site your site will become much more popular. 

    How Much Page Is Linked

    Not only the domains but also how much pages are linked with other sites it is also important. 

    Main Links

    Many SEO specialist says that how much links are associated with your site is also important for search engine ranking. 

    Linking With High Authority Domains 

    Not all the the sites are high authority site as seen by Google. If your site is linked with high authority sites then you will get more priority from Google search. 

    Homepage Links

    Many SEO specialist says that this more important that how much domains are linked with your homepage rather than your site's link is more get more priority. 

    Do-follow and No-follow Link

    It is declared by Google that no follow links are not indexed by Google. So try to get some do-follow links from another sites.

    Diversity Of Links

    Same anchor linkes are mark as a spam.So try to make some diversity of links.

    Links In Content

    Links used in content get more priority comparing with others.Also the keywords used in linkes get more higher ranks from search engines. 

    Domain Factors 

    Domains also plays an important role in search engine ranking. 
    If your domain is more than one year old than it get more priority comparing with others.
    If you buy any old domains that also impact on your search results. 

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