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    October 15, 2019

    What Is Blog Blogger And Blogging


    Every person of the world have the right to speak freely.Whatever its from newspaper, television or Internet. Blog is a most popular word now a days. If you are using Internet then you must be familiar with the term 'Blog'.The word blog came from English word blog.This is shortest version of weblog. You can also call it virtual diary because people write their personal thoughts on it.In 17th December 1997 Jomes Burger published the term weblog. After that Peter Melhomez published the term Blog on his website. After that this word blog become more popular and people of all over the world using it.
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    Everybody of the world have a story, which they can share in their blog.By blogging you can share your thoughts with the people all over the world. 

    Types of Blog

    There are two types of blog:

    Personal Blog

    This types of blog is created by personally where the blogger can share his thoughts with everyone. Also they can add other writer to their blog.

    Community Blog

    This types of blog is created by one person or a group of people who can publish their post with everybody by following the rules.This type of blog is also called public blog. 


    The person who write on their blog that is called Blogger. As I am writing in this blog that means I am a blogger. Ivan Williams used this word blogger in Pira Labs.In 1999 Ivan Williams and Megh Hurihan created Blogger.com which they have sold in Google later.After that the word blogger become more popular. Every bloggers have different types of thoughts that they can share on their blog.That can be related to technology, religious, music, songs, poem etc.


    The blogger who writes on blog that is called blogging. Now a days it is popular to make money by blogging. Either it can be product reviews or promoting something. If you are a Blogger then you can also make some money. You can follow this blog for it.There is no related topic for blogging.A blogger can write whatever he wants to write. The demand of blogging is getting more and more higher now a days.

    How To Be A Popular Blogger 

    • Write in English language so that people all over the world can read it. 
    • Dont write anything which affect others religion. 
    • Before sharing any tips make sure it is working. 
    • While giving tutorials make sure to use proper images.
    • Dont copy paste anything. 
    • Write in your blog daily so that you and your blog will become more popular. 
    Are you a blogger.Share your blogging journey with us.If you liked this post then share it with your friends. 
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