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    October 25, 2019

    Jobs Vs Freelancing Choice Is Yours

    Job vs freelancing
    When you are ready for work, then you have two options Jobs or Freelancing. There are many reasons behind becoming a employee or freelancer. So my today's post is about this.

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    Free For Visiting And Sleeping 

    Jobs means staying in office from 9-5.If you go to office lately because of sleeping, then you will have to listen some bad words from your boss.Also some amounts will be deducted from your monthly income. One of the most popular reason for being late in office is traffic jam.

    While You Are a Freelancer : If you are a freelancer then you can wake up from sleeping whenever you want.You don't have to listen bad words from anyone. The matter is about to submit your work to buyer within the time period. It doesn't matter whether you are working in day or night.

    Want To Be My Own Boss

    Job means if you are doing something wrong then you will have to learn lessons from your boss.It is a normal matter for every employees. This is not possible to allow in the age of job. 

    While You Are a Freelancer : Freelancing means of becoming your own boss.You don't have to take any lessons from anyone. Whenever you want to work you can work.

    Exploring The World Is My Passion 

    Every employees get holiday for one day or maximum two days.For working from 9-5 whenever you got two days of holiday then you will be busy with your personal work or with your family. So they don't get too much time for visiting or chilling. They remain busy with their robotic works. 

    While You Are a Freelancer : From where you are submitting your works to buyer ut doesn't matter. You can submit your work from sitting in the sea side or in hill.So the chance of exploring the world is much more easier for freelancers. 

    Need Huge Monthly Income 

    For jobs you will 8000 tk to 50000 tk or somehow it can be 100000 tk.For lower income you are not able to fulfill your dreams. 

    While You Are a Freelancer : There are many freelancers who is earning more then 100000 tk per month while they are just a student. But many graduate job holders are earning only 8000-20000 tk per month. This is a weekly income for freelancers as they are still studying. 

    Missing Family For Jobs

    You can give financial support to your family from your jobs.But it's not able to stay with your family for jobs.Your working from 10 am and you are coming to your family at night then what is the possibility to stay with your family members. 

    While You Are a Freelancer : Every family wants to have their meal by sitting in the same table.This is not possible for job holders but if you are a freelancer then you can work from your home.You can go for a cinema at any time. 

    Want To Be The Owner Of a Company 

    It is a dream for every employees to have their own company where many employers will work under you.But it is not possible because you are not earning much more money.

    While You Are a Freelancer : Only a freelancer knows how to get much more works.But after working one or two year it became much more hard to handle the works so they hire some employees to handle those works.So the dream of becoming your own boss become successful.

    Traffic Jams Are Decreasing Times Of Work

    Traffic jams are increasing day by day. Thus you are getting late for your office. Then your boss will deduct some amounts from your salary. 

    While You Are a Freelancer : Traffic jam will don't create any problems for freelancers because they are working from their own comfort zone.

    Some Logics For Becoming A Job Holder

    • An employee can learn anything from their colleagues but a freelancer have to depend on online for learning something. 
    • An employee have the surety to earn a fixed amount monthly but there is no possibility for a freelancer to earn some fixed amount monthly.
    • An employee have some disiplane in their life but a freelancer don't have it.
    • Our society don't give much more attention to freelancer as are given to employees. That's why freelancers have to face some problems while they want to marry. 
    • Some freelancers stay on home every time so they become unsocial but there is no possibility for employees about it. 
    There are thousands of reasons why you will be a freelancer also have many reasons for becoming a job holder.You have to choose what is best for you.
    Are you freelancer or a job holder?Share your thoughts with us and don't forget to share and comment. 
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