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    November 02, 2016

    Advanced Tips For Getting Google Adsense Approval

    Google Adsense is the most renowned ad company in the world. Many people think that it's very hard to get an adsense account. But this is not true. If you follow their guidance then you will get it very easily. So in today's post I am going to tell you about how to get Google Adsense approved.

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    Useful Tips About How To Get Google Adsense Approved 

    English Language Site

    You would not adsense using Bangla blog.Google adsense don't allow Bangla sites.So your content have to be in English. 

    Top Level Domain 

    You wouldn't get adsense using subdomain or free domain like .tk or .ml.You have to take top level domain like .com , .org or .net
    Before adsense was approved using blogspot domain but now a days this is not possible. 

    Make Yourself Trustworthy In Google

    Try to make your yourself trustworthy to google by verifying your account using mobile.Also complete your google plus profile 100% so that Google will feel easy to give you an adsense account. 

    Apply After Having More Content 

    Many people apply to google adsense after having a small numbers of post.That's why they don't get the account. For getting an account you have to apply with more content. So that Google Adsense will like to approve you.

    Hide Others Ad Network 

    If you apply to adsense by using other networks to your site then you wouldn't get the account. While applying for adsense remove all other ad network from your site.

    Bring Unique Visitors 

    If you have more unique visitors to your site then you will get an adsense account.So do some seo for your site and bring some unique visitors. 

    Age Of Site

    Your site have to be 3 months old for getting an adsense account. Although if you are having good visitors and update your site regularly then you can apply after 1 or 2 months. 

    Make Important Pages To Your Site

    Make some important pages to your site such as About Us,Contact Us and Privacy policy. So it will be easier to get an adsense account. 

    Stop Copying Content 

    Dont copy others post you wouldn't get adsense account by doing this.Also you will be penalised by search engines. 

    Other Factors 

    • Index your site to google.
    • Make unique quality content. 
    • Do seo of your site. 
    • If your site is business related that's good. 
    • Make a user friendly site.
    • Dont try to get paid traffic. 
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