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    November 16, 2016

    Complete Guidelines About Blog Commenting

    Blog Commenting 

    Blog Commenting is a most popular word for off page SEO.By blog commenting you will get more visitors also you will get some Backlinks. You can easily find the best sites in your niche and you will get huge visitors from it.
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    Importance of Blog Commenting 

    There are huge importance of blog commenting those are given below:


    This is very important for every bloggers. If you get backlink from other sites then you can easily get much more importance in google.Backlink is very important in term of SEO.If you can build good quality backlinks then you can easily find some visitors. 


    If you do blog commenting then you will easily get some visitors. Stop these types of comment such as 'Thank you ' or 'nice post' then you will not get some visitors from it.

    Things To Keep In Mind While Blog Commenting 

    • The blog you are commenting is related to your niche. 
    • Try to comment before everyone.
    • If there is any comments which is asking questions then try to give an answer via comments. 
    • Use a longer comments. 
    • The email you are using must have an avatar. 
    • Use your real name while commenting. 

    Introducing With Other Bloggers

    It is very necessary to introduce with other bloggers. While you have joined a community then try to make good relationship with other bloggers then you will easily get some support from them.

    Search Engine Optimization 

    For SEO it is very important to make blog comments. A better blog commenting works good on SEO.Try to get dofollow backlink. Then that will help you to get better results from search engines. If a crawler visit that page then they will find your comments with links so you will pass link juice. 

    How To Get A Good Site For Blog Commenting 

    First you have to do those things:
    • Blog have to be good quality. 
    • Blog have to be popular. 
    • There should be good authors.
    • Blog have to be dofollow. 
    You can use Google search for those things.You can use those methods below:

    • site:.com inurl:blog “niche” “leave a comment”
    • “Add comment” Your Keywords
    • “Post comment” Your Keywords
    • “Write comment” Your Keywords
    • Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”

    Using Tools For Blog Commenting 

    You can use some tools for getting the lists of blogs where you can make comments. 
    Use http://dropmylink.com and signup here then you will get the list of blogs where you can make comments. 

    How Much Demands It Have In Marketplace 

    Blog Commenting have a very good demand in the market but peoples are not willing to pay more now a days for blog commenting. You can use upwork or fiverr for this.

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