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    November 14, 2016

    10 Powerful Tools For Keyword Research

    Only one who is working on SEO they can only know the value of keyword research. If you don't do proper keyword research then you would attain your goal.There are many keyword research tools which will help you to do keyword research. So my today's post is about those tools.

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    10 Most Popular Keyword Research Tools

    1)Google AdWords Tool

    This is the most popular tool for every webmasters. You can get exactly what you need by using this tool.
    Link of Google AdWords Tool

    2)SEM Rush

    After google adwords tools SEM Rush came in the field. It will suggest you about keyword related search. 
    Link of SEM Rush 


    Spyfu is another popular tool used by webmasters. It can show keywords in two ways.It also inform about the website with keywords. 
    Link of Spyfu

    4)Woorank Website Review Tool

    It is also an excellent tool.It gives the information about keywords and backlink of your competitors. 
    Link of Woorank 

    5)Keyword Spy

    Keyword spy is also an important tool for webmasters. It shows the results of keyword and also the information about your competitors. It collects data from adwords, Yahoo and Bing. 
    Link of keyword spy

    6)Keyword Discovery 

    It is also a wonderful tool. It gives 100 related keywords to you.It collects data from 100 sites.
    Link of Keyword Discovery 

    7)Google Trends

    Google trend is a most popular handy tool.It gives daily, weekly and monthly report of your keyword. 
    Official Link of Google Trends 

    8)Word Stream Keyword Tools

    It is a popular tool for keyword research. It provides frequency of keyword also suggest your competitors. 
    Link of Word Stream

    9)SEO Quake 

    It is also provide your keyword related competitors site age,page rank also Backlinks. 
    Link of SEO Quake 


    Soovle is a wonderful and free tool.It provide data from collecting all search engines. 
    Link of Soovle

    Are you using any keyword tools for keyword research.Share your experience with us via comments. Also don't forget to share this post with friends and relatives. 

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