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    October 30, 2016

    Where To Use Affiliate Link On Niche Sites

    It is not a good manner to use affiliate links everywhere in your site.It's good to use those links in proper place.Visitors hates those sites where the site is full with affiliate link.Also if amazon review your site then they will create some problems also google may give you penalty for thin content.
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    The main motive of us is to increase the conversion rate.But if we use those links on everywhere it would not be well for us.We want visitors to go to product page.Now I am going to discuss you about this.

    Where You Should Use The Affiliate Link Of Your Niche Site

    Avobe The Fold

    When a visitors saw the portion of your site by entering there,that is called Avobe the fold.If you put your link there then everyone will see this.So at the first paragraph of your article link your products ones.


    Table or comparison whatever you say you will get more click if you use affiliate link here.If you use a normal table then your click through rate will increase.

    Subheadings and Images of Product Name

    You can use your link on subheading of product name.In 2011-12 it was very famous. But now use of this has been decreased. Also you can use links on images.People will like it.

    Products Name

    You have to use products name on your article many times.You have to use links on the first side.

    Call To Action Button Or Text

    You have to use call to action below of your article. Either you can use button or text.Test what is best fitted for you.

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