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    October 16, 2016

    Online Business:How To Start Hosting Business

    There are so many online business in this.From there domain hosting business is 
    One of them.Now a days many people are interested in domain and hosting selling business. For starting this business you have to need much more knowledge about it.So in today's post I am going to tell you how to start a hosting business. 

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    Preparation Before Starting Hosting Business

    First of all you ask some questions to yourself 

    1)How many times you are going to expend for this business? 

    Everyone want 24/7 support for this business. So thing do you have time for this.

    2)How much knowledge you have about Hosting software and hosting technology? 

    If you want to create this first of all you need to have knowledge about hosting software and hosting technology. If you don't have knowledge about it,you can't start this business. 

    3) How much money you are going to invest for this business? 

    First of all think how much you are going to invest. You need to invest for domain, hosting, billing software, marketing expenses. 

    Useful Resources for hosting business 

    1)Domain name for making your business.
    2)Website for making this business. If you are a Web developer then you can make a website. If you can't design website then you have to make it from others, which will cost you 100-300 dollars.
    3)Billing software is another useful resources for hosting business. It will give automatically billing and payment methods.
    4) You also need Reseller hosting, VPS, Dedicated server.
    5) You can do this business from home but if you want to do this from office then you need an office.
    6)For getting customers you need offline and online marketing.
    Hope you enjoyed this post.
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