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    October 09, 2019

    Most Ethical Things To Get Google Adsense Account

    For bloggers Google Adsense is a most popular word. Many new and old bloggers are working harder for it.However if you get a adsense account than you don't have to think about the money.So let's see what you have to do to get an adsense account.

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    Easy Steps For Getting An Adsense Account For Your Blog Or Website 


    Domain is a very important element. Many bloggers use subdomain like blogspot.com or WordPress.com but this is not good.You have to get your own custom domain.Now it very difficult to get adsense account using subdomain. So it's better to have a custom domain. 

    Domain  Age

    For applying in google adsense your site age have to be 3 months. Experts says it's better to work 6 months before applying in adsense.

    Site Design And Load Time

    The design of your site have to be attractive and easy to browse. Also don't add unnecessary html to your site which will take more time to load your site to be loaded.

    More Content 

    Make sure to add more content to your site. It's better to have 50+ post per month. Dont copy a single line to your post because google can easily understand this. Write unique content and engage your visitors by giving useful information. Use proper keywords to your posts.After getting an adsense account you can post 10-12 post per month. 

    Increasing  Visitors 

    It is necessary to increase visitors to your website coz they are the main thing.So post regularly to get more visitors.Make a user friendly site.Dont add apps that generates auto traffic to your site. Be natural be honest and the success is yours.

    Alexa Rank And Post Index

    Make sure your site have lower Alexa rank.The more your rank is lower your site will be more popular. Although Alexa rank is not related to google but it will help you to get adsense. Also if you post on regular basis then crawlers will index your site more rapidly. 

    Adsense and Advertisement 

    If you want to get adsense then don't use other ad network to your site.Although you can advertise your site but don't use third party or free services. 
    Hope you have now understood how to get an adsense account. Dont forget to like our Facebook page also subscribe our site to get regular updates. 
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