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    October 22, 2016

    How To Write Content For Your Niche Site | Content Writing Ideas

    Now a days in our country affiliate marketing is more popular specially amazon affiliate marketing. And it is increasing day by day.That's why the demand for good writer is increasing also.

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    But it is sad but true that we have many web developers, SEO experts but we don't have high quality writers.So today I will point out some factors about best content writing ideas.

    When you are week in English 

    1)You would not want to write big sentence. 
    2)You will avoid hard words.
    3)You will like to use easy words. 
    Now let's Learn what Yoast SEO plugin suggest us about writing Content. 

    Suggestions from Yoast SEO Plugin to write good content

    • Tip 1: Clear paragraphs
    • Tip 2: Short sentences
    • Tip 3: Limit difficult words
    • Tip 4: Use transition words
    • Tip 5: Use of Less Passive Voice
    • Tip 6: Readability Score 60 +
    However we know everything rather than transition words and passive voice. 

    What is Transition Words?

    Although our English is not so good but we always use transition words like however, by the way,also,rather than etc.Basically in seo friendly post it is suggested to write 30% transition words.If you use it then it will increase Readability and also user friendly. Which is liked by Google. 

    What is Passive Voice? 

    Yoast SEO plugin suggest us to use less than 10% passive voice. If we use those methods than our Readability Score will be 60+

    Some Important Tips And Tricks 

    You have to follow some important tips below:
    • Don't use long sentences which is more then 20,use small sentence. 
    • Dont use more than 300 words under a sub header.
    • Making small paragraphs. 
    • Using focus keywords on meta title and url.
    • Using focus keywords on the beginning of a paragraph. 
    • Using focus keywords on meta description 
    • Using focus keywords on images alt tag etc.

    Writing Like a Native Writer 

    This is not so easy to write like a native writer.A native writer can easily show their thoughts using small words.

    How To Start?

    When you are starting writing hope you got the focus keywords. Google it and save the best url.If it possible then visit Wikipedia. Make the primary structure of your writing.

    How To check grammar, spelling and Unique post? 

    For checking your grammar you can use grammarly.com and for unique writing you can use copyscape.com
    Also keep thinking about your post and write slowly. Hope you have liked this post. You may also like to read those posts below:


    1. Hii. I'm a SEO at eaglescripts and i write artcles and blogs for my website. All the information you provide here is very helpful for beginners. Thanks to share it.

    2. HI,
      The blog is quite informative and covers almost all the things you need to take of while you write your blog. the tips list provided is quite handy and interesting.

      Apart from the provided information, if you like to know more ingredients can make your content rich, check: http://toolowl.com/business/ingredients-that-make-a-great-content

    3. Yeah. This is Great Tips for write content for any affiliates niche Content. Everybody if want create new Affiliates website so need know about niche content writing.

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