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    October 28, 2016

    Complete Guidelines For Increasing Traffic and Rank Of a Website

    Most of the people now a days have a website or blog.We all want to get more traffic. We do seo for increasing traffic and ranking of our blog.So my today's post is about how to increase visitors and ranking of a website or blog.

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    Increasing Visitors And Rank of a Website or Blog

    Keywords Selection 

    For getting much more visitors from search engines you have to select proper keywords. By depending on keyword you have to select domain and title.For getting good keywords use Google keyword tools.Also you have to do the following things:
    • Most used keywords searching in search engines 
    • The keywords which have less competition but having good search. 
    By keeping those things on your mind select a best keyword. 

    Domain Name

    The keywords you have chosen among them select the best keyword in your domain. For example: your are trying to make a blog about Android Apps Review, then select android in your domain.If your selected keywords remain in your domain name then it will be easy for you to stay first on google search engines. 

    Selecting Blogging Platform 

    Then you have to select a blogging platforms. Blogger is very east for you because you don't have to know aby coding for it.
    Also WordPress is best because it is a best contact management system. The choice is yours. 

    Making a blog SEO Friendly 

    This is not the only matter how much posts you have but you have to make your site seo friendly. For making your site seo friendly follow those things below:

    How To Select Title

    The keywords you selected from those select the best keyword for your title.From your main keywords select your title.Dont make your title much longer keep it short.

    Keywords in Homepage 

    Select the keyword in the homepage of your blog in any text link.It is better to use keywords in footer.

    On Description 

    Some time for on page seo you have write description in your blog. You can use 150 letter in your description. Use your keywords in the description. 

    Social Bookmarking 

    Social networks are the best part for getting more visitors. Use some plugin and gadgets that will insert social networking sites sharing icons.Do bookmarking on social bookmarking sites.

    SEO Friendly Article 

    Article is the life of a blog. Use your keywords in the article. Dont make any spelling or grammatical mistakes in article. Before publishing a article use some tools to check your spelling and grammar. 

    SEO Friendly Image

    Make seo friendly image in your blog.Use alt tag and image name.You can get much more traffic from it.


    Make sitemap for your blog or website and upload it where tour main files are available. You can use Google xml for it.

    Designing Your Site

    Make your site attractive with simple design so thet bot and users can easily know where is the element of your site.Dont use unnecessary gadgets in your site because it will make your site speed lower.

    Blog Commenting 

    Make comment on high authority sites.Use tricks so that blog author will approve your comments. Do 5 high authority blog comment daily so that your site will rank higher on search engines. 

    Forum Link

    Sign up to some high authority forum and provide your site link here.You will get some dofollow backlink from it.

    Guest Blogging 

    You can get much more traffic by guest blogging. There are many site which give offer guest posting on their site.Search those sites and do guest blogging. You will get more visitors and high rank on search engines. 
    Hope now you have understood how to increase traffic and ranking of your site.Follow those things I have discussed today you will get success sure.
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