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    October 07, 2019

    All Details About Google Adsense

    What Is Google Adsense 

    Google Adsense is the name of a chicken which will give you golden egg everyday. The size of egg will increase if you feed it regularly. 
    Actually google adsense is a website which give ads to website and its running by Google itself.Google adsense is famous for giving highest revenue share,content related ads and for other products. Also for approving quality website. 
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    Why You Should Try Google Adsense

    Highest Revenue Share

    Basically some companies give ad to other websites. Adsense works as a medium. Normally google take ads from advertisers and give it to their publishers.However they pay 70% revenue share to its publishers,no adsense alternatives pay like this.

    Content Related Ads 

    Google Adsense is more expert about this. They show content related ads or ads what is liked by the visitors. For this publishers get more benefits. 

    Similarities With Other Products 

    Google's other products like Gmail, YouTube, blogspot, search engines which is successful and are interrelated or connected with adsense. 
    So those are the reasons why you should use Google Adsense.

    Basic Requirements For Getting Adsense Account 

    One Good Quality Website Or Blog 

    The first requirements of getting adsense account is to have a good quality site.What is good quality? A good looking site,a beautiful design.No those are not a good quality site means having a unique content. You can't publish copy/paste content or illigal content. You can choose image,text,audio and video for your content.


    You need to have a domain for your site.Like this site techntick.com or example.com
    You can use free blogging platforms like blogspot or WordPress. But you will get more priority if you have a TLD (Top Level Domain).You can learn how to use custom domain in google blogspot blog.


    You can use affiliate program which is not similar to adsense.But don't full up your site with those affiliate links which may ban your adsense account.

    Other Things

    You can't promote alcohol or even cigarette. You can attack any people or a group of people with your blog.

    Your Site's Age

    Your site have to be 6 months or 1 year old for applying in adsense. But you post unique content daily then you can apply after 3 months.

    Applying For Google Adsense Account 

    If you follow the Avobe rules then you can apply for adsense. But now I am going to share which things have to be keep in mind while applying for adsense account:

    Correct Name And Address

    You have to use your correct name and address while applying for adsense. Before adsense given money by check but now a days they pay via bank.So make sure your your bank account name and adsense name is same.Also fill up your bank details properly.

    If You Applied Before

    If you applied for adsense and got disapprove then try using the same email for applying. If you use two accounts with same information then you may be don't get adsense again.

    If You Don't Approved For Adsense

    If you are disapproved for adsense then follow the 3 things below:
    • Forget about Google Adsense 
    • Read the email you got from adsense and fix the errors of your site and reapply for it.
    • Use hosted adsense account 

    If You Approved For Adsense 

    Dont be excited after getting an adsense account. Simply follow those rules below:

    Use Adsense On Quality Sites

    After getting an adsense account use adsense on those sites which is approved by adsense.Dont use adsense on Crack or bad sites.

    Dont Click On Your Own Ads

    Dont ever try to click on adsense ads of your site.Even don't click using proxy which is strictly prohibited by adsense.

    Dont Push Visitors To Click On Ads

    Your friends may be want you to get some money and click rapidly, then adsense will understand this and they will ban you.Also don't say your visitors to click on ads which is very harmful for your account. 

    Payments From Adsense

    When you will earn 100$ then adsense will pay you via bank.

    Hope you have now got some details about Google Adsense also if I miss anything then you may include other things by comments.Dont forget to share this post also subscribe for getting more updates. 

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