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    October 21, 2016

    10 Steps For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    Amazon.com is a more popular Ecommerce site because how much they spend for research and development no one do this.In USA from every 8 people 1 people have an amazon account. I think that in amazon every kind of products is available.
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    When people search for amazon products then if your niche site will came then people will visit amazon through your site.And if they buy any products then you will get commission for it.Because they visited amazon from your site. For coming in affiliate marketing you can't get successful easily. You can't get success within 2 months. But if you are a hard worker then you will get success.Amazon's niche products or niche site basically depends on some products or subject which different then other sites.By working on amazon niche site many peoples are earning thousands of dollars.

    10 Easy Steps For Making Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

    Step-1 Selecting a Niche

    You have to select a profitable niche.For this visit amazon website. There is available thousands of products. You have to select a product which is the best.Also you to saw the review of those products after that you have to work with it.For niche site you have to do keyword research. Because if your keyword is wrong then you can't get any commission. By selecting a proper keywords if you optimize your niche site then it will came in ranking. Before starting your work you have to get the best selling amazon products. For keywords you can use Google keyword planner or other tools.

    Step-2 Knowledge About Your Competitors 

    First of all you have to understand your competitors. After selecting your keywords you have to search it on the market and also have to understand your competitors. If you properly implement your keyword then it will increase.For niche site generally:
    1)Search volume have to be 1000 to 4000
    2)Keywords have to be below 30
    3)The price of products have to be more then 100 dollars. 

    Step-3 Selecting Good Domain Hosting 

    You have to select proper domain and hosting. After getting keywords you have to take domain and hosting. You can take it from Godaddy , Namecheap, Blue Host.Remember that the hosting is not slow and loading speed is fast.

    Step-4 Site Design 

    You have to setup your site.You have setup site content, theme and plugin. WordPress is a big platform for amazon affiliate. 

    Step-5 Selecting Theme For Affiliate Marketing 

    You have to select premium theme for your niche site. Buy theme from any trusted site and go for free theme.If you free theme you will fall into troubles of copyright, malWare and adware. 

    Step-6 Publishing Quality Content 

    You have to post quality content. If you are unable then get articles from content providers. For niche site below content are needed:
    One mane article/Buying Guide: 2000-3000 words.
    Review Article: 10 to 15 article, from 800-1200 words.
    Informative Article:7-1500,from 700-1200 words.
    You have to understand peoples mind,what they search on Google. 

    Step-7 Onpage Optimization 

    You have do onpage Optimization. For ranking a site there are 200 google factors.And onpage Optimization make it 70% confirm. 

    Step-8 Social Media Marketing 

    Social media marketing is very much important for increasing the number of visitors. For selling your niche products it helps a lot.Facebook and twitter have the great impact on social media and search rankings. 

    Step-9 High Quality Link Building 

    You have to get high quality backlink it helps you to get higher ranking on Google search. However if a site have a quality backlink then google show it many times in search results. 

    Step-10 Implement The Conversion Rate

    Conversion rate is the rate of how much visitors are buying products from amazon through your site.How much people will buy that much get commissions.If the visitors only click on the link and don't buy anything then you will not get any commission.You will get only commission when they will buy.You have to work hard for this.
    Hope you have now understood how to make money using amazon affiliate. Dont forget to comments and share.Also give me any kind of suggestions. You may also like to read those posts below:


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