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    December 28, 2012

    Most Unknown Information About Google AdSense

    Google Adsense Secret
    Definitely you have heard about that one has earned more than one lakh dollar in a year by using Google AdSense. There are many people who are earning about 5 to 10 thousand per month. These words make many people believe that if I create a website or a blog and then add Google AdSense there, thousands of dollars will come easily. It is right that here you can sufficient amount but it is also true that there are chances to be wrong ideas about this. If you really want to earn by using AdSense, then you should know these. At first understand, why these are said like this. If you are said that you will stay in front of your PC for 5-6 hours and write articles, for months and more, the articles which are interesting to people, so that you have to study for few hours, there will be hundreds of articles submitted in your website, and then thousands of people will gather to see your articles there, and then you will get money- definitely you won’t be interested in this topic.
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    People want to get more and more money without working. So it is said differently that, use AdSense, get more money without any hard work, without any expense. Without any expense is partially right. There are opportunities of getting instruments of creating site freely, free web hosting etc. There is also no cost needed in getting ads in AdSense. Just adding some code lines to your website that are given by them will be enough. It is also right that you don’t need to work individually for earning. But the reality is, you have to work for getting more visitors in the website. If you don’t have at least 100 unique visitors in a day, then there won’t be any significant amount of earning. Whatever they say like giving 1 cent or 10 dollars (or more) per click. The alternative meaning of no visitors means no money. Your first lesson for earning in AdSense may be, hard working is the key to success. It will be clear to you if you know how AdSense works.
    There is a project named Google Adwords. Those who wants to advertise their business through Google internet, they contact with Google. This is Adwords. Google does that work by giving links to various website. This is AdSense. If you use Adsense in your website you will get advertise, and if anyone click there, Google will get money. Some of that money will be given to you for using your website. Only Google knows what percent they pay from their earnings. So if you wants to earn from Google AdSense, then say it yourself, This is my business, and I will do whatever it takes to do well in my business. Like business, you have to keep patience and concentrate here. You have to create website or blog with a popular and beneficial topic, work harder for months or more for developing it. Make it easier for the visitors to enter there. More visitors, more chances of earning money The way it is said about AdSense, you will get money just after starting, it is not right.
    You should have some ideas about how this works can be done:
    • Make website or blog in an interesting topic. Google knows which type of visitors and how many times they enter here by examining each of your titles, every article. Then they decide which kind of advertisement should be given there. So develop your site information.
    You will have more chances of earning if your website stays at the topmost position of searching.
    • Get ideas of topics which are related with your one. Search with the key words of your site and see which sites come first. You can write a review of that site and keep its link in your website. As a result, they will also send visitors to your site.
    • There are various sites who give information or techniques in this matter. Like http://www.selfpromotion.com/. Learn about this topic from these types if sites. • Some website may fetch various search engines to your site or blog. Write your site address and introduction there. Examples of these types of site are http://www.technorati.com/ , http://www.blogrush.com/ , http://pingomatic.com/ etc. Get popularity by using them.
    • Search and see whether there is any forum about your site topic. Write your comments and links there.
    • Advertise your website by various social websites like Facebook, Twitter. The main thing is, you can sufficient amount of money from AdSense if you see it as a business and treats it like this. It may take a month time for the information given by you in a search engine. So don’t expect that you will get fast result.
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