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    February 08, 2017

    The Impact Of E-Commerce To Business

      impact of ecommerce site
    If you are a businessmen or you have owned  a E-Commerce then remember it that the impact of E-Commerce in business is huge.Today i will tell you what are the impact of E-Commerce in Business.

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    The impact of e-Commerce to business can be huge

      E-commerce can transform the way products and services are created, sold and delivered to the customers. It can also change the way in which the company works with its partners. The followings are well established benefits of e-commerce:

    • Improved productivity: Using e-commerce, the time required to create, transfer and process a business transaction between trading partners is significantly reduced. Furthermore human errors like duplication of records are largely eliminated with the reduction of data entry and re-entry in the process. This improvement in speed and accuracy plus the access to document and information, will result in increase in productivity.

    • Cost savings: The cost savings stem from efficient communication, quicker turnaround and closer access to market. • 

    Streamlined business process: Use of internet and with automation of business process can make business more efficient.

    • Better Customer service: Customer can enjoy the convenience of shopping at any our and anywhere in the world.

    • Opportunities for new business: Business over the internet have global customer reach. There are endless possibilities for business to exploit and expand their customer base.

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