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    September 29, 2012

    How To Verify PayPal From Bangladesh

      Verified PayPal Account
    If you are from Bangladesh or any other PayPal non supported country then you may be not able to verify PayPal from those countries.So today i will tell you how to verify your PayPal account from Bangladesh,Pakistan or any other PayPal limited countries.But remember you have to get a Payoneer Debit Master Card before verifying.
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    Tips To Verify PayPal Account From Bangladesh

    I said before that you have to get a Payoneer Debit Master Card free for verifying your PayPal account,so read about this post.If you read this post then you may be able to get a free Master Card.Now come to the point,PayPal would not verify you if you don't have any dollars in you card.So first load 5 dollar into your card and give your card number,expiry date etc.Then PayPal will charge you 3-4 dollars also they will verify your account.After verifying your PayPal account you will able to use PayPal fully.
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