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    April 30, 2017

    Choose Your Blogging Platform

    After deciding that you should have your own blog, The first thing to do is to choose your blogging platform.
    Blogging Platform is a software or service which you use to publish your content online. It is a specific form of CMS (Content Management System).

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    There are many blogging platforms, some are free while others are paid services. It is very important to select the right one for you. Before selecting a blogging platform you have to think about your goals. Ask Yourself.
    • You are an individual or company?
    • You are a beginner or expert?
    • What you want to achieve from your blog?
    • You are ready to spend some money on blogging or not?
    • Do you want to earn from your blog or not?
    Based on the above questions you can select your platform quite easily. Everyone have different objectives. Some people may want just to share their stories with others, others may want to make an online business. Based on objectives, everyones requirements are also different. Some may be satisfied with free platform, other may want paid services. Any selection you make will have its pros and cons, but we will tell how to

    Popular Blogging Platforms.

    There are dozens of blogging platforms, everyone with its unique features and functions. Some are better in one way others in other way. Here we will discuss some popular blogging platforms and their pros and cons.

    WordPress.com and WordPress.org

    Choose your blogging platform
    WordPress Blogging Platform

    With over 76.5 million WordPress blogs on the internet, WordPress.com is the leader and the most popular blogging platform in the world. Of all the global CMS market, WordPress share around 50 to 60%. According to Technorati about 8% of the Top 100 blogs are managed with WordPress and around 50000 new WordPress blogs are launched everyday. From individuals to multi national companies majority prefer WordPress. The reason for all of it success is the flexibility of WordPress. WordPress has a user friendly interface, tons of themes and plugins though which you can customize your blog the way you want and most of all its search engines friendly.
    WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the two pillars of WordPress. WordPress.com is a free source where you can make your blog free of cost but there are many limitations to it. You cannot get much out of it, if you are a professional blogger or want to make money of it. WordPress.org on the other hand is a paid service, where you can use WordPress software for free but you will have to pay for domain, hosting, etc. It has thousands of themes and plugins and is suitable for everyone.


    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: It is free, you just need to sign up.
    • Custom Domain: Custom domain is available after upgrade only. It means you will have to pay for it,
    • Hosting: WordPress hosting is free but storage is limited to 3GB. For more storage you will have to pay $19.97 for 5GB/ year and goes upto $289.97 for 100GB/ year.
    • User Friendly: It is mobile friendly and seo friendly.
    • Themes: You can use free themes available at WordPress theme repository which are limited and you cannot modify the css or other codes within the themes.
    • Security: You dont have to worry about the security of your blog as WordPress monitors it automatically with spam blockers and other mechanisms.
    • Plugins: You can use only built in plugins features but cannot upload any free, paid or other third party plugins.
    • Good For: It is good for beginners or for people who blog as a hobby or entertainment but is not meant for professional bloggers or businesses.


    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: You will have to pay for the domain name and hosting services. You can host your blog with WordPress,org or any 3rd party hosting service.
    • Custom Domain: You will have to pay for domain.
    • Hosting: Hosting is paid. you can host it with WordPress,org or any other hosting service.
    • User Friendly: Mobile Friendly and Seo Friendly.
    • Themes: You have full theme freedom. Choose your theme from thousands of available free and premium themes, customize it the way you want. you can customize css and use HTML Editor.
    • Security: As you are an independent blog owner you have to take care of the security of your blog. thanks to thousands of WordPress plugins which have made this task easier than ever.
    • Plugins: You can choose from over 36000 free and paid plugins and customize your blogs according to your needs. The large arsenal of WordPress plugins have made it easier to do any task on WordPress without any knowledge of coding.
    • Good For: Good for everyone. With only a few bucks per month expenses you get every thing you want. You have tons of themes to select from. Thousands of plugins to do anything you want. You can fully monetize it. You can make any kind of personal and professional website with it suitable for individuals and businesses. We recommend WordPress.org to everyone. Without any doubt it is the most flexible and lovely blogging platform available on net.


    blogging platform

    Blogger.com previously known as blogspot.com is owned by Google and is one of the pioneers in blogging area. It was quite popular in the beginning of Millennium but has lost its way. Although its still popular in the beginners, its opted out by professionals. Its easy to customize blogger with the available themes but no third party customization is available. There are limited tools available and you cannot customize it the way you want. Further your blog is owned by google and they can shut it down for various reasons even without informing the blogger.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Its free.
    • Custom Domain: Available but you will have to pay for it.
    • Hosting: Hosting is free.
    • User Friendly: Mobile Friendly and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: There are only a few templates available and you can its color and layout using built in tools but you cannot use any third party themes.
    • Security: Never think about the security of your blog as google is there to take care of it.
    • Plugins: There are only few built in tools for management and no third party plugins are available.
    • Good for: Blogger is a good platform for beginners. They can get experience from it. If you just blog for entertainment and dont want to pay for hosting and domain, use blogger. If you are a professional or business and want to establish business, blogger is not meant for you.


    choose your blogging platform

    Tumblr is another very popular blogging platform which has attracted a large number of people to its fold and according to current statistics its far ahead of WordPress with around 150 million blogs. But the facts are a bit different. Tumblr is not a blogging platform in real sense, Its more like a micro blogging platform which combines the features of Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger. It is more like social media + micro blogging. Most posts in Tumblr consist of a single image, video or a short post. Although there are bigger stories too but thats not the trend of Tumblr.
    It is suitable for people sharing short stories, links, images, videos and info-graphics. The main advantage of Tumblr is its vast community which are always ready to re-blog your posts but Tumblr community mainly consists of young generation under age of 25. So your content must attract them to get blog love from them.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Its free
    • Custom Domain: Paid.
    • Hosting: Free
    • User Friendly: Mobile Friendly and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: Themes available are limited, You can choose from free or premium themes available.
    • Security: Dont think about security of your blog, Its safe.
    • Plugins: There are only built in tools available to do different tasks. No third party plugins available.
    • Good For: Tumblr is good for the beginners or individuals who dont want to earn from their blogs. For professionals and companies dont even think to make it your main blog. Although you can have a tumblr blog as a driving traffic tool to your main blog.


    choose your blogging platform

    Squarespace.com is a paid service. It doesnt come with so many choices in respect of many things like themes plugins, etc. It is based on drag and drop features and is therefore very easy to customize. Even a complete beginner with no knowledge of coding and css can customize it easily. There are about a million websites and blogs powered by squarespace.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Its a paid service. Plans begins from 8$ a month which has many limitations. 16$ plan is quite good but in comparison to WordPress its quite expensive where you can get similar features for just 3.95$ per month.
    • Custom Domain: Paid (Extra 10$ a year)
    • Hosting: Paid (Included in Package)
    • User Friendly: Mobile Friendly but not SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: Themes are very limited so no flexibility.
    • Security: Squarespace will take care of it.
    • Plugins: No third party plugins. You can use only built in tools.
    • Good For: Its good for beginners who are ready to spend some extra bucks as its very easy to customize. Professionals and companies can also use it but WordPress is a better choice.


    blogging platform

    Wix is another website builders with easy drag and drop features. You can set up a site on wix even if you are a complete beginner. It has many eCommerce customization tools as well but that comes with the paid version. Free plan of wix has limited features which are suitable for a small personal websites only. For greater customization tools you have to upgrade which is costly in comparison to word press.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Free (Limited Features) For more features Paid plans varies from 4.08$ per month to 16.17$ per month. basic  plan of 4.8$ gives you a domain only. Good option starts from unlimited plan worth 12.42 $ per month which is expensive.
    • Custom Domain: Not available in free package. Available in connect Domain package which will cost you 4.08$ per month.
    • Hosting: Free and paid, depends on plan.
    • User Friendly: Mobile and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: 500+ (Limited but beautifully designed)
    • Security: Dont worry. Wix will take care of it.
    • Plugins: Up to 200 different tools available for different functions but no third party plugins allowed. (Limited)
    • Good For: Beginners, Professionals and companies if you are ready to spend some extra bucks. But WordPress is still the winner.


    choose your blogging platform

    Weebly is another drag and drop blogging platform just like wix. You can easily make a blog or website using their website builder but not all that shines is gold. It has its many limitation and you cant benefit from it much without upgrading to their premium plans. Although its good for small websites but not for professional blogs or eCommerce websites.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Free (With many limitations) Paid plans varies from 8$ to 25$ a month. (Expensive)
    • Custom Domain: Available in premium plans only.
    • Hosting: Free or Paid. Depends on Plan.
    • User Friendly: Mobile and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: 100+ (Limited but well designed)
    • Security: Weebly will take care of it.
    • Plugins: Only built in tools, no third party plugins allowed.
    • Good For: Beginners who can spend some extra bucks, also good for professionals but expensive. Not for companies as eCommerce tools are limited.


    choose your blogging platform

    Medium is another popular blogging platform but if you ask me it is more like a publishing platform then blogging platform. It is great for you if you are a writer and want to get instant readers for your articles and stories but dont think about it if you are a professional blogger or business. Its more like publisher who wants to connect like minded people and helps you publish your story.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: free
    • Custom Domain: Yes (Paid)
    • Hosting: Free (But you cannot self host it)
    • User Friendly: Mobile and SEO Friendly
    • Themes: None (Only default theme)
    • Security: Secure as its managed by Medium themselves and they own your blog.
    • Plugins: Only built in tools, no third party plugins.
    • Good For: Good for individuals and serious writer who only want to get their content published. Not for serious bloggers who want to monetize their blogs. Not suitable for businesses and companies.


    choose your blogging platform

    Ghost is an open source blogging platform with a user friendly interface. It was made basically to make a simpler alternative to WordPress which can focus just on blogging. The team behind ghost taught that WordPress has lost its way as a blogging platform and its is overburdened with more features. Ghost has amazing dashboard for bloggers and it has made seo quite easy for posts.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Downloadable version is free. Hosting version is paid. Ghost does not provide free hosting platform.
    • Custom Domain: Yes (Paid)
    • Hosting: Ghost is does not provide free hosting. Paid Plans varies from 8$ to 200$. 8$ plan has many limitations and when looking for a suitable plan you will have to pay more than 50$ a month (Very Expensive)
    • User Friendly: Mobile and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: Ghost has only premium themes available.
    • Security: Its secure
    • Plugins: Only built in tools (No third party plugins available)
    • Good For: Individuals and bloggers who want to make blogs only. Not suitable for businesses, companies and professionals who want multi featured websites.


    choose your blogging platform

    Drupal is a great blogging platform as it is a complete management system. It is suitable for businesses who are willing to spend some extra bucks every month. It does not provide space for free bloggers. so blog you made with this platform will be hosted someone else or with drupal itself. Drupal is very similar to WordPress and Joomla in many aspects and all the three are great platforms.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Software is free and you can host it on your server. It does not provide you platform, its only cms software.
    • Custom Domain: You will have to pay for it.
    • Hosting: Paid. You can host it with drupal or any third party host.
    • User Friendly: Mobile and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: Lot of themes available although less from WordPress
    • Security: secure
    • Plugins: Lot of plugins available.
    • Good For: Its a good options for businesses and eCommerce websites. A bit expensive for individuals and bloggers. Its also hard for beginners, using Drupal requires basic knowledge of html, php and css.


    choose your blogging platform

    Joomla like drupal is a complete management system which gives you a lot of options to mange your blog the way you want. Its very similar to WordPress and Drupal. Its the middle of WordPress and Drupal when it comes to ease of use, customization ans tools.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Software is free. you can host it on your own servers. Like drupal it does not provide free blogging platform.
    • Custom Domain: Yes (Paid)
    • Hosting: Like Drupal you have to host it with Joomla or any third party hosting provider.
    • User Friendly: Mobile and SEO Friendly.
    • Themes: It has a lot of themes although less than WordPress and drupal.
    • Security: Its secure.
    • Plugins: A lot of Plugins available.
    • Good For: Professionals and businesses. Not for beginners and individuals as like drupal its expensive and requires basic knowledge of coding. It can be great for social networking sites and eCommerce stores.


    choose your blogging platform

    Typepad is another great blogging platform which gives users a lot of choices to customize their blog the way they want but it does not allow software to be used by third party hosting and therefore you will have to pay their expensive fee to use it. Typepad is easy to use for the beginners but its expensive.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price: Paid service. Plans varies from 9$ to 49$ per month. (Expensive) as 9$ package has very limited features. So you will have to buy higher package which will cost more.
    • Custom Domain: Paid.
    • Hosting: Included in Plan.
    • User Friendly: Mobile Friendly but not good in SEO.
    • Themes: Very limited.
    • Security: Its secure.
    • Plugins: Built in tools only, No third party plugins.
    • Good For: Individuals who want to spend some extra bucks. Not for professionals and companies.


    As we have discussed most popular blogging platforms one by one and after knowing their pros and cons its obvious that WordPress is the best available platform for everyone. It suits the needs of everyone. Its the most flexible, customizable and affordable solution for all. It does not mean that other platforms are not good. All have their own plus points. Wix and Weebly are drag and drop platforms which makes customization extremely easy. Joomla and Drupal are the nearest alternatives to WordPress who also have a lot of customization tools and themes. Tumblr, Medium and Blogger are for individual bloggers who dont want to monetize their blogs. So it basically depends on your needs and goals. Which one is better in your thoughts? Please comment below.


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