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    March 08, 2017

    Top 5 SEO Trends In 2017 : Follow Those Killer Steps

    Seo trends 2017
    SEO has came up with lots of changes in this year.Lot of updates have been made by the top search engines and you have to also follow those steps to ensure your success. So let's start.

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    Social Media 

    Social media plays an important role in the seo of a website. If you share your content to social media sites regularly then you will also get some much more attention from search engines. If your content get much more shares and likes then the chances of getting visitors from search engines will also increase. 

    Making Mobile Responsive Website 

    Google announced that every website should be mobile friendly because the mobile phones users are increasing day by day. So it could impact a lot in 2017's SEO.So if your site or your clients site is not mobile friendly then do it as early as possible. 

    Video Content

    Do you watch Tom and Jerry? If yes then you can easily remember the episode you watched earlier. Do you know why?Cause you have watched the video.Videos plays an important role in search engine ranking factors. Because a 10 minutes video can give you more clear idea about what you are watching rather then a 1000 words article.
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    Schema Is a Powerful Way

    May be you don't know about schema.It's a powerful way of giving your site's detailed structure on search engines. You have to use for making your site more attractive on search engines.

    Deep Link And Technical SEO

    The days of buying paid links is over now.Now search engines gives more preference to natural link building. Also the power of web 2.0 is still available. But you have to give more priority to natural link building. Also make some high quality backlinks for your sites.

    Hope you have now understood what is the top most best seo trends in 2017.Also don't forget to update your site daily basis. Hope you will achieve your goals by following those techniques. 

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