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    March 21, 2017

    How To Get Free Prepaid Mastercard From Bangladesh

     Get free prepaid Mastercard from Bangladesh
    Freelancing Is becoming much more popular in Bangladesh now a days.Also many peoples are making lots of money from Internet but sad news is paypal is not available in Bangladesh. So I am going to show you how to get a free prepaid Mastercard from Bangladesh. 
    A prepaid mastercard is a global payment gateway.You can receive money from it.Also you can load funds to your card and make payments also you can get paid from any peoples.One question might be came into your mind that can i purchase anything using this card? Yes you can purchase anything using this card from online.If you are a freelancer then this is a great solution for you.

    Introduction To Payoneer MasterCard

    introduction to payoneer mastercard

    Payoneer mastercard is a great solution for Bangladeshi peoples.This card supports most popular market place like fiverr,upwork,99 designs and also if you are an amazon affiliate then you will get paid by this payoneer mastercard. This card also supports Bangladeshi banks so you can easily withdraw your money directly to your bangladeshi bank.

    How To Apply For Free Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard From Bangladesh

    This is very easy to get a free mastercard from bangladesh.Just follow those simple steps below:
    • Go to Payoneer.com
    • From menu bar select sign up.
    • First of all you need to provide that you are an individual or company.If you are going to use it as an individual then select individual also if you are running a company then you can select company.
    • You need to give your details such as your full name,your email,your password etc.See the picture below:
    payonerer sign up
    • Also you have to provide your date of birth while signing up.
    • After that you have to click next.
    • On the next step you have to fill up your information such as your home address,your bank details also you have to provide your id type such as your your NID or your passport etc.
    • While signing up provide your account details appropriately so that nothing goes wrong.
    • You are almost done now you will get an email from payoneer that your card request has been accepted.Wait for three or four days after that you will get another email from payoneer that your card is ready and shipped to your address.
    • In Bangladesh,you have to wait for 20-30 days for getting the card.

    How To Make Money From Payoneer MasterCard

    earn money with payoneer
    Here is another good news for payoneer user that you can also make some money with payoneer. But this process is little bit complicated. Although this is not so much difficult this is very easy also.While going to your account you have to click on refer and earn.Which means you will make money when you refer someone to signup in payoneer.You will not only get paid while anyone sign up,you will get paid while anyone sign up under you and make transaction of $100.

    Payoneer Global Payment Service 

     Payoneer global payment system
    Another good news for payoneer user is you will get an US payment service which means you will get a virtual bank account which you can use for many purposes. You will get one checking account which includes one bank account number and one routing number. 

    I have tried my best to give you the information of getting free mastercard. Hope you have liked this post. Dont forget to share this post with your friends and family. Also ask any questions via comments. Also subscribe to our newsletter for getting more updates. 

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