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    March 27, 2017

    The Ultimate Guidelines About Amazon FBA Program

    Amazon FBA Program
    Hello everyone today I am going to share everything you need to know about amazon fba program which is called fulfilment by amazon. This is a wonderful program,by using this you can easily make thousands of dollars.Let's know more about it.
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    Amazon FBA: What,Why and How?

    Some people's thinks that amazon affiliate marketing and amazon FBA is the same thing. But this is totally wrong. 

    Amazon FBA means Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).This idea was created by amazon many years ago and now it becomes billion dollars industry. 

    For understanding FBA first you have to know what is amazon and what they do? 
    Amazon is a platform where seller's sale their products and buyers buy it and then the seller send it to buyers address. And amazon handle all the process by charging some commission from seller.That was amazon some years ago. After that they introduced FBA.

    Amazon though that there are many peoples who wants to sell their products on amazon but they are unable to do it because it's a bit complicated. If you want to sell any products on amazon then you have to pack it also you have to handle the calls also if any buyers have any problems with the product then you have to also handle those issues which is quite difficult. So amazon saying that send all products to us and we have a team we will handle all those things and for that we will charge more commission from you.So that is all about FBA.

    How Internet Marketers Make Profits From FBA

    The system is very simple.For doing this you have to choose those products which is not available in amazon.You can buy some products from others and send it to amazons warehouse address. You will get a warehouse address when you make a FBA account. After that you have to upload the products with mentioning price and when you make any sale you will get payments to your account. 

    Let me explain it more.Suppose you got a 100$ discount from eBay on a cellphone and the price of this phone is now 100$.Then you quickly bought 20 phones and sent it to amazon and your selling price is $170.So every time you sale a product your profit will be $70.

    That's how you can make profits from FBA. You can try this one its really a profitable business. Hope you have liked this post. Dont forget to share and comment also subscribe to our newsletter for getting regular updates. 

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