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    March 13, 2017

    Introducing Most Popular Freelancing Marketplace

    Freelancing marketplace

    While working online a simple questions may came into your mind that where to get work.If you are a freelancer then you must have to be familiar with those marketplace. So in today's post I will share you about some most popular freelancing marketplace.
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    What Is Marketplace 

    In online many buyers came to hire freelancers also many freelancers came to get work.From many freelancers buyers choose the best freelancer to work with. Those sites are called marketplace. Marketplace act as a medium for both buyer and seller. Buyers put their money into those marketplace and then the seller's get paid.There are various types of payment methods for withdrawing those money. Now I will discuss with you about some most popular freelancing marketplace.


    Upwork is a most popular marketplace all over the world. Web address :upwork.com 
    Buyers post the jobs for the freelancers here.Then freelancers bid there for getting the work.After that the buyers select the best freelancer amongst from them.Buyers can give two types of work there , one is fixed and another is hourly.

    3 Tips For Success In Upwork 

    • Make your profile properly
    • Giving test
    • Cover letter for bidding 
    Similar sites likes upwork are:
    Freelancer.com and guru.com


    In fiverr freelancers post their services which is called gig.Those gigs can be sold for $5-$200.Link of this marketplace is fiverr.com 
    You have to create those gigs before and clients will buy your gigs.There are all types of works are available on fiverr.You can work in sectors which you are expert.Newbies can get success easily in fiverr.

    3 Tips For Success In Fiverr 
    • You don't have to bid there so you can easily get success 
    • Use proper keywords for gigs
    • Share and promote your gigs.
    Complete Guidelines About Fiverr

    People Per Hour 

    This is US based biggest marketplace. Buyers can easily offers for jobs here.Also workers can sell their skills.
    There are fixed and hourly works are available. Link of this site:peopleperhour.Com

    3 Tips For Success In PeoplePerHour

    • Many jobs are available in this marketplace 
    • The systems of this marketplace is very easy you don't have to use any software for hourly jobs.
    • You will get good salary. 

    99 Designs

    This is the most popular marketplace for graphic designers. Only graphics designers can work on this marketplace. In this marketplace you will get jobs for business cards design, logo design, website design and button design. Link of this marketplace :99designs.Com
    In this marketplace design related competitions are held.Buyers in this marketplace arrange for competition. Many freelancers attends those competitions.If anyone win this logo competition then they can make upto 300$-1200$.

    3 Tips For Success In 99 Designs 
    • New and old both freelancers can attend those competitions. 
    • A freelancer can submit as many projects thet want to submit. 
    • A competitior can view others projects 


    Envato have many websites. Graphicriver.net is for graphic designers and themeforest.com is for web developers. Graphic designer can sell card design and logo design and web developers can sell their html template, CSS and worpress themes.If anyone can make creative design then they can make much more profits from it.

    3 Tips For Success In Envato
    • Dont copy anything so that the possibility of getting work will increase 
    • If the designs are creative then it will easily get sold
    • Do proper social media marketing and SEO. 


    This is a very popular marketplace for small works.Newbies can easily get works here.Forum posting, tweet,retweet,Facebook like or vote,YouTube subscribe and yahoo answers jobs are found here.You don't have to bid for getting works.It will take 5 to 30 minutes to complete the works.Link of this marketplace : MicroWorkers.com

    3 Tips For Success In MicroWorkers 
    • Apply for those works which you can complete. 
    • Get some positive feedback 
    • After reading the full description of jobs then apply.


    This is a affiliate marketplace. By joining this site you can select any products then you can sell it through your website. You will get commission for selling any products your refer. It have some digital products. Such as :CD,Software and ebook etc.If you can sell much more products then you will get much more commission. Link of this site :clickbank.com

    3 Tips For Success In ClickBank 
    • If you know seo and digital marketing then you will get much more results. 
    • If you go through targeting your clients then sale will also increase. 
    • Select a profitable niche.


    Amazon is the biggest store of selling products and services. For Affiliate Marketing it is the biggest sector.You will get almost every products in amazon. You can get commission by selling those products. Link of this site :affiliate-program.amazon.Com
    Dont go for it if you don't know the proper use of it.Because if you are unable to sell any products within 90 days then your account will be closed.

    3 Tips For Success In Amazon
    • You have to know SEO for it.
    • You have to be a popular blogger.
    • You have to be expert on digital marketing. 
    Also there are various types of marketplace is available now a days and its increasing day by day. But you have to more expert to work with it.Also if you know any other marketplace then don't forget to share with us via comments. Also share this post with your friends for let them know about those marketplace. 
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