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    May 06, 2017

    Getting Freelance Jobs Outside Marketplace

    Freelance jobs
    We always think that freelancing means working on upwork.com. Are you looking for freelance jobs?If your answer is yes then you are on the right place. In today's post I will discuss about some Misconceptions About Freelancing that, freelancing doesn't means working on upwork.com.

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    Why It's a Misconception

    As a Bangladeshi when you search for a job you will go go bdjobs.com but all companies don't offer their jobs in bdjobs.Also the same thing happen when you will go to upwork.com. All clients don't go there rather then theu search for other options. 

    How This Misconception Is Harm Our Society 

    Many newbies and olds have some Misconceptions.Many people thinks there is no options available rather than upwork.com. How they are harmful :
    • After learning works many freelancers go for upwork but if they don't get the jobs then they have some Misconceptions About it.
    • For getting work they bid for less.
    • For getting work they make spamming also they steal others cover letters. 

    How To Get Work Without Bidding 

    Clients Will Came To You

    I will say you about two marketplace where you don't have to bid for work.In those marketplace you have to write about your work.They are:
    You have to write about your service as a gig.For example : I Will Make a Logo Design For $50
    After writing this gig your job is over now the buyer will search for you then if you fulfill their satisfaction then you will get the job.

    Social Media Is The Great Source For Getting Works

    As we use social media sites also big merchants and millionaires use those sites.So the possibility of getting job is more higher here.Also LinkedIn is a great site for getting jobs.Many clients feel uneasy to hire freelancers from marketplace. Many peoples wants to hire their renowned person because this is risk free.In online world people can know each other through social networking sites. Make Yourself professional on those sites.You can get hired from Facebook and LinkedIn. 

    Searching Works Via Blogging 

    Blogging is a powerful source for getting works.By blogging you can show your skill to anyone. If you can proof yourself as a professional than the possibility of getting work will increase 2×.If you can prove yourself then anyone will hire you at any cost.

    By Forum Posting 

    You are may be unable to do work with blogging. So you can't get any work via blogging. Also if you are not able to get work by social networking sites. So it is easy to get work by forum posting because here you can easily get work by answering others questions. 

    By Email Marketing 

    Offer your works to many companies by email. It is very easy to attention bt email marketing. Also if you are wanting to making an IT Company then it will help you by doing this. For this you have to make your portfolio site. 

    By Making Portfolio Website 

    You can also make a portfolio website and by choosing proper keywords you can make this site at the first page of search engines. You will get lifetime works by doing this. 

    By Video Marketing 

    Create a YouTube channel which is best suits you. Show your work on those videos also keep uploading and do some SEO for this. If you don't do proper SEO then you will don't get any works also no one will know about you.

    By Blog Commenting 

    There are many sites where peoples goes for learning some new things.Peoples from all over the world visit those sites everyday. If you can make blog on those sites then you can easily proof your experience there.Assume that you don't have any experience in writing then what you will do?Then you can easily Do blog commenting and if you can make 4 or 5 useful blog commenting then the chances of getting hired will also increase. 

    By Uploading Presentations 

    In slideshare.net you can easily upload your presentation slides.Those sites links are easily get rank on google.Those sites are very popular in google also users are like those sites.From the every corners of the world peoples came here and search for their topics.Upload two presentations per month and at the last slide make advertisement of your work.This is most active way of getting more works.

    Are you a freelancer? Share your experiences with us also share this postwith your friends. You may also like to read those posts below:


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