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    November 12, 2016

    How To Increase Google Crawl Rate Of A Website

    Increase google crawl rate
    For every bloggers intention is to increase the google crawl rate.If your crawl rate will increase then it will also increase the visitors of your site. Managing a site is not so easy you have to work a lot for it.You have to make posts,you have to engage with social media also you have to make communication with your readers. Also you have to do SEO for your site. So in today's post I am going to tell you about the tips of how to increase the google crawl rate of your website or blog.

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    Tips For Increasing Google Crawl Rate Of A Website or Blog 

    Publishing Post Daily

    It is very important to publish post daily to your blog.If you update your site daily then google bot will visit your site daily and will crawl your site regularly. So make sure you are posting daily 1 or 2 post to your site.

    Unique Content 

    Posting unique content is another way for increasing crawl rate of a website. If you post unique content regularly then google crawler will visit your site after every 5 seconds. So keep posting unique contents on your site.

    Submitting Sitemap 

    It is a very important thing. If you submit your site to search engines than you will get more visitors from Search engines. 

    Copyright Content 

    Don't copy others posts on your site.If you copy others content to your site then you will be penalised from search engines. So make your unique content and ignore copy pasting. 

    Blogs Load Time

    If your site takes too much times for loading then it is a very bad thing. So make sure of using small kb images and videos on your site.If your blog take too much time then google crawler will take more times to crawl your site also sometimes it will just ignore your site. 

    Block Unnecessary Pages

    There may be some pages on your site which is not needed to crawl by Google such as level page.You can ignore those pages by robot.txt files.

    Monitoring Google Crawl Rate 

    You can monitor your crawl rate by using Google webmaster tools.So that it will be easy for you to monitor the crawl rate and you can work as needed.

    Unique Title And Meta Tag 

    Google search crawlers first see the title and meta tags.So make a title and meta tags wisely. 

    Image Optimization 

    In present search engines gives much importance to images.You can get good traffics from search engines by optimizing your images.Also if you optimize your images then it will be more beneficial for crawler.

    Using Schema.org Markup 

    It a part of internal seo.If you use schema.org markup language to your site then search engines will easily understand the position of your site. 

    Mobile Friendly 

    From now google gives much more priority to mobile friendly sites.Now a days people use mobile rather than desktops.So make your site mobile friendly and make your site high ranking on search engines. 

    Sharing Videos 

    Many webmasters are giving priority for using videos on a post.They are saying that your post will get more importance in search engines if you use a video on your post.

    If you follow those things properly than your site's crawl rate will increase surely. And if it is increased than you will get much more visitors also your site's ranking will increase. 
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