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    October 29, 2016

    Making Money Using Android Apps

    We all use mobile phone. Also some people use android phone. Android phone users are increasing day by day. How it will if you can make some money using some android apps.So my today's post about it.
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    Best Android Apps That Pays Money

    Google Opinion Rewards 

    You may surprised that Google have this kind of apps.Yes it's true this type of app is available. You will get play store credit by using those apps.You have to complete some serbays for getting credit. You can use those credits for downloading paid apps and music and other premium things.For downloading this apps Click here.

    Quick cash

    Quick Cash is another apps which will pay you for testing applications and websites.You will get credit for testing applications and websites.When you will earn 1000 points then they will pay you 1 dollar.That means 1000 points = 1$ and 2000 points = 2$.They will pay you via PayPal when you will earn 1$.For downloading this apps Click here.

    Mint Coins

    Like other apps you don't have to earn coins or test websites. You will be paid by doing virtual works, like downloading apps,watching videos and register on a site.You can withdraw money with PayPal when you will earn 1$.For downloading this apps Click here.


    If like to test apps then this apps is perfect for you.You can earn credit for testing apps and by installing apps.You can convert those credits into gift card so That you can able to buy products from amazon and iTunes. Or you can also withdraw money via PayPal. For downloading this apps Click here.


    Did you ever thought that you will get paid for taking photos? Yes I am talking about a apps which will pay you for taking pictures. You have to click photos and follow their instructions, when buyer will buy then you will get paid.You can withdraw money after reaching 5$.For downloading this apps Click here.


    Cashpirate is a apps by which you will earn points by doing some works.By using those credits you can buy anything from play store or turn those credits into cash and withdraw via PayPal. 
    Hope you have learned how to make money using Android apps.If you know about other android apps that pays you can add here via comments. Dont forget to like and share.
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