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    October 20, 2016

    How To Select Beautiful Domain and It's Importance

    Select a domain is very important task because visitors are related to it.By matching your domain name with your website you will get much more traffic.
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    Selecting a Wonderful Domain name and It's Importance 

    Think that you have a movie download site and its address is moviebox.com then think how visitors will react to it.Because before visiting a website visitors look at the domain. Now if movie download site looks like tech blog then it will give a negative impact. Same think happened for tech blog.
    In seo domain plays an important role. Because most visitors are not direct they come from search results. In seo we use key word.Key word is an important thing while buying a domain name.
    .com domain is mostly used extension in domain name.Also you can use .Info extension for informational site and .org for organisations. Also there are various types of extensions are available.
    In domain name minimum 3 words and maximum 63 words are permitted.
    While taking a domain name select a key words which will show visitors about your site.
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