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    January 27, 2013

    Some relatively cheaper ways of getting Freelancing clients

    Having better result in freelancing required getting introduced with new clients. Get new work. This is the main thing, because income depends on this.
    This is not very easy. Business organizations expense a lot for their advertisement. A freelancer can’t expense huge amounts like this. But this is important for reaching to someone who is new. 
    Normally the usual techniques followed for the publicity of business are useful for freelancer. You can also use these types of easy and conventional ways:
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    Increase publicity online

    Internet has an important role in increasing popularity of freelancer. You can get works easily by using this process for local freelancing as well as online freelancing too.
    Among the internet users, almost all of them use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. use these for freelancing publicity. What do you do, what types of work you are interested to do, what advantages the others can get from you, you should deliver these information to other.
    This technique is used by maximum, but still it is active.

    Publish advertisement paper

    Advertisement paper is working very affectively in the whole world for publicity. In many countries it is said “Excuse me” business. Telling excuse me to the people crossing roads and hand over your advertisement paper to them. Businessmen do these things regularly. In Bangladesh you will at least see the papers for the advertisement of coaching centers.
    The advantage of this technique is, attractive papers are given special interest by the normal people, and they keep carefully, also it travels from one to another.
    Though it is slight expensive, but very effective for getting local works.

    Bring changes in website

    Those who run blog or website they know, it can be made more attractive by just changing its cover only.  And for that, changing template is enough. Do this type of new things, so that an old user also gets interested in it. May be he will see watch it differently which is skipped before.
    Write in others blog
    There is no expense in increasing publicity by writing in other’s blog. You can write tutorial or suggestion of the topic you works and show your efficiency and skills to others.
    In Bangladesh, getting money by writing in others blog is not introduced yet. If you search, then you can get some blogs where you can get something for writing.

    Use email

    Send email to the known people and make them remember what type of works you do. You will be happy if they help you in getting works. Whatever it is their work or of the people they know, they might help you.
    There are no rules that you have to follow just these things. Rather you can get some directions here that, for getting works, publicity is important. That’s why, you can use different techniques.
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