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    February 24, 2017

    Merits And Demerits Of Being Introduced as a Freelancer

    The whole world is now seeking towards freelancing. The expectation of those who has already been started is different than those who have started now. In other words, the things that are said about freelancing and the reality are different. Surely you have heard about the good and bad time of freelancer. It has been mentioned previously about sometimes getting works more than capacity, or sometimes not getting any work at all. This is not going to be discussed here again. Instead here I am going to discuss what are the problems you might face if you are introduced as a freelancer everywhere.
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    Personal introduction of the freelancer

    When you are a freelancer and someone asks you what you do, what will you answer? You might be thinking it is easy to answer. You will say directly, I am a freelancer. Definitely, you will then have to face a lot of question. What is the meaning of freelancer? What works you do here? Where do you work? How much do you earn? In case if you have helpful mentality, you may try to define the whole process to someone. But at once, you will lose control of answering these bundles of questions. Specially when you will notice that those who are asking doesn’t have any interest at all in your workings. Then you cannot make them understand though trying your level best. It is normal if you have another bad experience. You may have to heard, someone sits in front of the computer for the whole day. May be is doesn’t affect you. To others, sitting in front of computer is might be like sleeping. Though you are not doing anything for your entertainment. You may be disturbed. You can get the solution by thinking that this is their problem, not yours. They don’t understand that you are doing important things.

    Professional introduction of freelancer 

    Many people had to prepare their personal biodata and use it in many places. What will you write in the place of profession? Definitely freelancer. The problem is, by this name no profession is popular yet now. At least you won’t get the chance while writing your profession like this filling up a governmental form. You can write business. But then you will face difficulty in explaining your business. But you want to introduce your business specifically. You can try the solution in different way. Name the freelancing job like the name of a business organization. Mention the name as a business. Then define the job as the sort of business. The good thing is, the word freelancing is getting popular day by day. There might be one day when just mentioning freelancer will be enough in the profession.
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