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    January 23, 2013

    From today Odesk Bangladesh has started withdrawing money directly by bank

    After a long period, that moment has come by the help of Odex. You can cash the earning amounts from bank directly without using any third party payment processor. Bangladeshis were used to receive money by wire transfer. But it costs 30 dollar. And now it will cost only 4.99 dollar.
    For receiving the salary earned by working online, popular online marketplace Odesk has started direct bank transfer service for the Bangladeshi freelancer from Wednesday. As a result, the workers of that site can get their earnings directly in their bank account in Bangladeshi currency. Bangladeshi Odesk users can see this news in Tuesday if they log in. Also mentionable, Vice President of Operation Matt Cuper declared about cashing out the money directly from bank at the program of Odesk named “Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day” which was held at last May. But he didn’t mentioned when this service will be started. Freelancers from other countries can get perform transaction in their bank accounts from 99 cents to 2 dollar only. It is a bit unfair to charge us 5 dollar.
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