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    February 21, 2017

    Some Steps For Preventing Time Waste For Freelancers

    There is a proverb, Time is Money. This is the best proverb for a freelancer. Many freelancing job is there where the paying are fixed at first in per hour basis. You will get money for every hour you will work. So wasting time means losing money. Sometimes this waste of time can be traced easily. Gossiping for few hours in any place, and then you remember that you can do works on that time. But in maximum cases this is not an easy task to understand it.

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    Given below are some reasons that are responsible for time wasting:

    Doing more than one work at a time 

    Normally it is thought that it would be faster if you do more than one work at a time. But the reality is, maximum people cannot perform two works at a time by giving full concentration. A very common example is, checking mail, talking in phone lessen the speed of works. If you think that doing more than one work at a time is beneficial, you will be wrong. Instead, you should finish that work at first which is more important.

    Inability in decision making 

    How much time a man can waste in taking decision? Let me give an example. A man hired a book 15 years ago for learning Photoshop. Still he is insisting regularly for learning Photoshop. There is no advantage in wasting time like this. 15 days is enough for learning Photoshop, and maximum 2 years to be an expert in this field. Don’t waste time in deciding which one to do or which one not. Decide to do and then start, or decide not to do and through it out of your mind.


    No one can be free from disturbance or depression. Everyone has something to worry about and this should also be mentioned that, if your relative is sick and if you are worried for him, does this make any difference for him. It won’t make any difference. Rather it will be harmful for you. Definitely you should take necessary precautions for that matter that is disturbing you mentally. You should remember that only thinking does not help, rather it is harmful.

    Using social media 

    Many give advice that facebook, twitter etc. helps in freelancing. Have you ever calculated how much time is wasted for this? If not, then calculate it. Main job for a freelancer is freelancing. If there is mentioned of time saving, then decide for how time you will give there.

    Personal works 

    Everyone has personal works more or less. Many have to do works like shopping, washing clothes or some have to cook food. Have you calculated how much time you are spending there? Select which one to do at first. Not going to shop again and again for buying something, rather calculate at first and go once. Do things 2 times a day which you were used to do 3 times a day. Planning is very important for utilizing time at best. The more planned your work, it will be more organized, better and will take less time. Anyone can utilize time by writing daily works, weekly works and monthly works sequentially.
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