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    February 14, 2017

    Is It Possible To Earn Money From Blog?

    Earning From Blogging
    There are mainly two parts of the topic of earning through internet. Online freelancing and earning by creating a blog. It is always mentioned that earning from blog is relatively easier than freelancing (as here you don’t need to be expert in a topic like freelancer) and the amount is huge too. Some says million dollars in a year. Those who are not introduced with it have some question
    • Is it possible to live by earning from blog?
    • Those who earn by blogging, are they very few in number?
    • Is it possible to earn in blog by writing only the ways of earning money by blogging?
    In a single word, yes, it is possible. Also should be mention that, you can get much information about this which can confuse you. You should keep it away from your mind that you will earn millions of dollars by starting blogging. If you treats it carefully, you can blogging is a profitable business. You can get the answers of question above here:

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    Is it possible to earn from blog?

    If you use blog for earning only, you will get little amount of money at the starting. Very few amount of dollars. This amount will increase as the time will go on. Once it may go more than part-time earnings, and once more than regular income. You can get the information about the time needed from the experienced people. The earnings increase from after 2 years. It will take 5 years or more to depend fully on it. Also you have to remember, if you start now, you will need 5 years and if you wait for 1 year, you will get the result after 6 years. It is not mandatory that you will have to wait for 5 years. There are not less people who have earned big amount in short time.

    There are no particular subjects of earning

     Many think that if they write about earning through internet in their blog, then they can earn easily. Those who have earned well from internet, their examples don’t support this. Blog can be popular by any topic and good amount of money can be earned from there. See some successful blogging topic: Food related blog, Fashion related blog, Tour related blog, Blogs for children’s, Cartoon blog, Blogs for guardians, and Health related blog.

    No particular rules 

    Is there any rules by which, if they are maintained, you can earn surely from blog? The answer is, NO. A blog is not successful though containing very high level of information, but other is successful. Those who succeeded are trying to advertise their ways, and the others are following it. No one has got real benefited. From this you can learn that, with following others, you should use your own ways too.

    There are no such rules that only earning based blog will do well 

    By directing both earning based blog and other blog it is experienced that, there is no proof that only earning based blog will do well. Instead many successful blog are of different topic. Normally of those topic which people likes. So we can come to a conclusion that, the number of people who search for the other topics are more than those who look for earning based blog.

    Maximum Bloggers can’t depend fully on Blogging 

    From a recent survey it is shown that more than half of the bloggers earns less than 500 dollars in a month from blog. Only 9 percent earns from 1 to 10 thousand dollars, 4 percent more than 10 thousand. It is important to know that those who participated in this survey are comparatively new. Every day, many people are adding their names in this sector. The comments of those who are related with blogging for many years should be different. In easy words, those who run blogs don’t earn much.

    Time is required for earning in Blogging 

    Those who earns big amount of money from blog, about 85 percent of them are involved with blogging for more than 4 years. Some doesn’t earn much to talk about in the first 2 years.

    Blogging requires hard working 

    There are no such examples of earning by just creating a blog and not working in it. Those who earns more, they spent many times after their blog regularly. Those who earn more than 10 thousand dollars spent their whole day for blog. Good blog means such things where there are useful, new, self-created, interested information. It doesn’t happen in a moment. It requires lot of efforts. Is it possible to earn from blog? Yes. Hard work is required. You have to keep patience and work for many days.

    hope you liked my post.Are you a blogger?How much you are earning from your Blog?I want to know about your earning?If you face any problem,then you can ask here via comments and also share your thoughts with us.You may also like to read those posts below:
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