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    February 09, 2017

    Why Your Facebook Friends Don't Like Your Website

      Facebook vs Blog vs website
    After lots of implementation i have found out why our Facebook friends don't like our website.All we know that Facebook is the most great source of communication,but it doesn't mean that we have to forget about everything and have to be busy with commenting,liking and posting.What we will get by doing those things?So today we will discuss about those things.

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    Why Our Facebook Friends Don't Interested On Our Blog

    • Just think about my website it is about SEO and Money Making Online .But some of our friends don't want to make money online or they are not interested.Also they don't know what is SEO.So how they will be interested on my blog.
    • Some of our friends always waste their time by posting photos,commenting on others wall,liking others photo etc.So when we share our Blog link.They don't bother to see it.
    • Sometimes we need co-authors for our blog,because we are students.But we can't hire our friends because they don't have enough idea about our blog.
    • Also for some SEO matter,we have to do Search Engine Optimization for our blog,but due to lack of idea we can't hire our Facebook friends.
    • Some of our Facebook friends show more interest about how to make money online?But after working a week they give up.

    I think that all those things always may be happens with you if you are a webmaster.I am not saying all of our friends don't like our site,so don't make any confusion.

    Is the same things happens with you?
    Feel free to share with us via comment.
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