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    November 16, 2012

    Handsome Money By Selling Photoshop Design

    Photo shop DesignDigital image means Photoshop. You work in Photoshop but won’t get a chance to earn, this is not possible. Crate designs of your own and sell them by internet. The more the customers will bye, the more money you will get.
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    Tips For Making Money By Selling Photoshop Design

    Freelancer will set everything for you to sell designs. Of course you works have to be attractive, of good quality and maintain the rules and regulations of designs. That’s why there are some guidelines. Read them: • While designing at Photoshop keep the shape of the design proper. You should prepare your layers and files in such a way so that it can be easy to understand their functions by seeing their names. At first you can create three layer groups named Head, Body and Foot and keep the ordered layer there.
     • You should keep in mind where the design is prepared to be used and so you should adjust the canvas size and color mode at first. Use RGB for the web, TV, or any other screen, and for the print, use CMYK color mode. Don’t convert in one mode to another by preparing only in one type. You can keep the resolution at 72 DPI for the display and 300 DPI for the print. Maintain the shape of the canvas properly. Ideal shape in web page is 960 to 980 Pixels from side. The height will be fixed by the topic inside there. For printing the design use A4 or letter size. 
    • The beauty of design is fully dependent on feelings or emotion. Create every design elements in such a way so that they can carry important meaning. Adjust everything like Tab, Button, List, Heading while making template of web page. 
    • If you don’t have enough knowledge about html or css, still keep in mind that anyone can write code by following them. Design should be created in such a way so that the code can be written. 
    • Design should be created in such a way so that some parts can be changed easily. Suppose a color or a placement. There should be arrangements so that they can be placed at different places. 
    • Make sure that the font, image, text of design could be utilized properly. In addition, you can keep a text file containing the commands. 
    • If you have any font license of your own, you may also give that. It increases the price of the design. 
    • Use at least 3 keywords so that the context of the design can be clear. Zip the files and use keywords for their names. 
    Are you Photoshop designer?Hope you have liked this posts.If you have any suggestions or que then you  may ask via comments.You may also like to read those posts below:


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