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    October 01, 2012

    10 Guidelines For Promoting New Product Or Service

    Promoting product or service
    If you just started a new business then you need to promote your promote your product or service,so that your business will reach to your customers.But one question might be always came into your mind that,how to promote my new product or service for increasing sale?So today i will provide you some guidelines so that you will be able to promote your business.
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     Guidelines For Promoting Product Or Service Of New Business

    1. Create a new Facebook fan page for your product ir service and increase your fans.
    2. Create Google Plus page for your business.
    3. Advertise your business on newspapers.
    4. Advertise your business on TV.
    5. Sponsor some events for promoting your business.
    6. Advertise your business using Google Adwords.
    7. Promote your business using banners and posters.
    8. Create professional look business card for your business.
    9. Advertise your on websites.
    10. Promote your business offline.i.e(phone calls,seminars,meetings etc).
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    4. Thanks for giving the tips on how to promote business in different ways. Promoting business is not an easy task but if these steps are followed then any business can be ranked higher. Most of the business today are promoted through net only. For that different keywords are searched with the help of Google Adwords.
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