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    September 18, 2012

    Tips To Connect Facebook With Twitter

    facebook and twitter
    Facebook.com and Twitter.com is the most largest social networking site in the world.From friends making to advertising all your needs can be completed by those two sites.But sometimes we don't get enough time spend times to both site,so today i will tell you how to connect Facebook account with your Twitter account.
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    Instructions To Bond Facebook Account With Twitter

    For connecting Facebook with Twitter just follow some easy steps below:
    • Sign in to your Twitter account.
    • Then click on the edit profile from your profile.
    • After that click on connect to Facebook.
    connect faebook with twitter
    • Then a new window will appear from your Facebook account.
    • Then sign in to your Facebook account.
    • Then accept the Twitter account from your Facebook.
    • Then save your changes to your Twitter
    • You are done now every time you post anythings to Twitter will also publish to your Facebook account.
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